Food and Agriculture Industry

Our products for the Food and Agriculture Industry focus on two main areas: wineries and post-harvest, and are intended to replace traditional treatments, both because of their harmlessness and respect for the environment, and because of their lower cost per treatment.






Levibacter is a preservative additive for wines.

Its application is designed for prophylactic conservation in the mass of wines. It is especially indicated to prevent the increase of volatile acidity, as well as to avoid the refermentation of wines that have remained slightly sweet.

Format: 20 litre polyethylene carafe


Chemical and microbiological decontaminator Detergent cleaner for the food industry. Soluble crystalline powder, chlorine-free.

Its application is designed for a very strong, in-depth treatment, very fast and intense DESTARTARIZATION, DESCALING AND DECONTAMINATION (microbiological and chemical) of all types of surfaces with abundant organic residues, typical of wineries. The descaling and decontamination is carried out in a single treatment, discarding definitively any chlorinated species.

Format: 5 and 20 kg bags, and 500 kg big bags


Liquid winery surface cleaner.

Its application is designed to DESTARTARIZE, DESCALCE AND SANITIZE all types of surfaces with organic waste, typical of wineries.

The descaling and sanitizing are done in a single treatment, without subsequent rinsing; definitively discarding any chlorinated species.  It can also be used for the regeneration of filtration cartridges.

Format: 20 litre polyethylene carafe





Edible vegetable wax with fungicidal capacity for external brightening coating of fruit, in the fruit and citrus industry. Aqueous dispersion of polysaccharides and food-grade vegetable oils.

Its application is designed for the waxing and polishing of fruits and citrus fruits before packaging them for the market. No need to apply fungicides.

It does not need heat for application and drying can be done cold.

Format: 20 litre polyethylene carafe


Food preservative. For daily use in citrus and fruit reception showers; as well as in the final sanitizing application after fruit washing, to prevent the appearance of mold. Does not contain chlorine or biocides. Does not foam. It does not contain flavouring or colouring agents.

Its application is designed to sanitize the surface of citrus and fruit, applied in the initial water showers after receiving the fruit.

Format: 20 litre polyethylene carafe


A concentrated solution of reducing sugars and dimethylpolysiloxane, which prevents mechanical friction of the pears during post-harvest handling. Its application is harmless to plant tissue, people and the environment.

It is recommended to apply it by immersion in the washing water, or by spraying with nozzles on the previously washed pears.

It is a liquid that does not affect the drainage sensors.

Format: 20 litre polyethylene carafe


Food additive. A concentrated solution of sugars and vegetable glycerin that delays the post-harvest ripening process, creating a reducing medium that minimizes the effects of breathing and transpiration of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is not viscous and is very easy to handle.

Its application is recommended for coating fruits, fresh vegetables and citrus fruits, extending the shelf life in refrigerated storage.

Format: 5 litre polyethylene carafe


Food additive, a preservative to prevent mycotoxins present in some foods, from Aspergillus parasiticus and Aspergillus flavus, producers of aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1 and G2); in foods such as corn, sorghum, rice, wheat, oilseeds, spices and nuts (almonds, pistachio, walnuts, coconut, Brazil nuts, peanuts, etc.)

Format: 20 litre polyethylene carafe


Food additive soluble powder for the conservation of water for human consumption.

For daily use in fruit, vegetables for 4th range, banana and plantain washing tanks, to prevent or delay the appearance of mold, fungus and bacteria on the fruit peel.

Does not contain chlorine. Does not contain peroxides.

Format: 1 kg polyethylene container


Food additive, preservative, to avoid scalding at the exit of the chamber in apples and pears.

The treatment is carried out by means of a shower or immersion at room temperature before entering the chamber.

Format: 20 litre polyethylene carafe

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